From the Feed brings D&S listeners commentary on top articles being written from today’s leading financial publications. Today we cover the global fixed income market selloff, Chinese stock and what they can teach about GDP growth and stock market returns. Also, the Russian billionaire selling his prized Futbol (soccer) club, Reddit’s upcoming IPO and how to predict the next recession.

Article Links:
BLOOMBERG March 2022 – This Is Now The Worst Drawdown on Record for Global Fixed Income
MORNINGSTAR March 2022 – Chinese Stocks: The Road to Nowhere (Does GDP Growth mean better stock market returns?)
WSJ March 2022 – A Long Queue Forms to Buy London’s Most Famous Russian Asset: Chelsea FC
The Business of Business March 2022- Reddit is eyeing a $15 billion IPO. Here’s how it became the giant cultural force it is today.
Calculated Risk Blog March 2022 – Predicting the next recession